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We look forward to welcoming all new children to Wendron Pre School, your child’s name can be placed on the waiting list the term before the age of 2 years for the pre-school. However, we must ask you to be responsible for contacting us again, the term before your child’s starting date to confirm that the place is still required, otherwise places may be reallocated.



The first trial visit will be free and parents are encouraged to attend this session.  We always want your child to feel safe, secure and happy at Wendron Pre School and parents are very welcome to stay for as long as it takes for your child to feel settled.



Once visits are completed your child will be invited to attend their planned sessions. Fees will be charged at the usual amount of £15.00 per session (9am to 12noon / 12noon to 3pm) or £30 for a full day (9am to 3pm) until the child is eligible for government grant funding. Parents are very welcome to stay with their child for the amount of time it takes to settle them. While settling children, parents may be asked to help out during their chosen session, by playing or talking to other children.



Please book your visits for you and your child to attend, three weeks before your child is due to start, this will enable you both to become familiar with the routines, the other children and the team. It also helps the team to get to know you.



A child who is tense or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly. It is important for parents and the pre-school team to work closely together, this helps the children to feel confident and secure within the group. Settling in takes longer for some children than for others, parents of these children are encouraged to stay as long as they feel it is necessary, please do not worry if it takes a while for your child to settle.



To apply for your child to join us, please download, print and fill-in the from and return to Pre-School.