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Health, Safety & Communicative Diseases



Wendron aims to maintain high standards of health, hygiene and safety, and the co-operation of you as parents is essential in this. We do not have the facilities or staff to nurse sick children who need individual attention, and as a result we ask that all children who are ill be kept away from Wendron until they have fully recovered.


Please ensure your child has the necessary vaccinations and immunisations against childhood diseases at the correct ages. If your child has pierced ears, please ensure they wear studs (not hoops).


It is not our normal practice to take responsibility for giving children prescribed medicines while they are at Wendron. However, if you are not able to do this yourself, please ensure that you fill in a medical form to authorise a member of the team to do this for you.


In cases of sickness and diarrhoea there is a rule that 48 hours must elapse after an illness before a child can return to Wendron. This is important in all cases of infectious illnesses, as one child's illness can so easily spread throughout the children and the team. It is only by keeping to this rule that we are able to avoid the risk of children being unnecessarily exposed to infection.


We have trained first aiders on site at all times in case of accidents.


Minor bumps and scrapes are inevitable accidents in the life of young children, and we cannot entirely prevent these. However, all play that involves risks is always supervised by at least one adult. Accidents are noted in the accident book and parents are informed of the circumstance and asked to sign in the book at the close of the session.


Exclusion Procedure for Illness & Communicable Diseases


Disease/IllnessMinimum Exclusion Period

Anti biotic prescribed First day at home.

TemperatureIf sent home child must be off for 24 hours.

VomitingIf sent home ill child must be off for 48 hours. Must not return for 48 hours after last attack.

ConjunctivitisKeep at home for a minimum of 24 hours. Longer if eyes still weeping.

Diarrhea48 hours after last attack.

Chicken Pox7 days after the appearance of rash or until spots have dried up.

Gastro-enteritis, food poisoning and salmonellaUntil authorised by General Practitioner and no sooner than 48hrs after last attack.

Infectious Hepatitis7 days from onset of jaundice.

Measles7 days from appearance of rash.

Meningococcal InfectionUntil completely recovered.

MumpsUntil the swelling has subsided and in any case no less than 7 days from onset of illness.

Typhoid FeverUntil declared free from infection from General Practitioner.

ImpetigoUntil skin is completely healed.

Head liceUntil appropriate treatment has been given.

Ringworm of scalpUntil cured.

Ringworm of bodyUntil treatment is given and body is covered.

ScabiesUntil appropriate treatment has been given.

Thread wormUntil appropriate treatment has been given to the whole family.

Slapped cheekBy the time symptoms are present, the person is no longer infectious.

Hand, foot & mouthFirst day then until child feels better.

Head lice are unfortunately a common problem, but regular checking and immediate action can quickly get rid of the nuisance and prevent it from spreading. The NHS Direct web site offers advice


The NHS Direct Website is also a useful resource for other ailments and worries. Address is


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