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Children enter the setting enthusiastically. All are very familiar with the daily routine and staff expectations. They are very well-behaved, polite, and kind to one another. Children display very good manners. Extremely positive and trusting relationships have been established between children and adults. Children have also formed strong friendships with their peers. They have a sound sense of belonging and relish opportunities to take responsibility. As a result, children are confident, happy, and settled during their time in the setting. Children chatted happily throughout the session, confidently sharing experiences during whole group time and developing role-play ideas with their friends. Staff listen attentively to children and are very responsive.


They actively involve children in future planning, as they encourage children to make suggestions and offer ideas to support forthcoming topics. Children enjoy using a good range of mark-making mediums to draw pictures, write their names and label their work. They use their developing language skills to negotiate, cooperate and maintain harmonious play with others. Children routinely self-register upon arrival and also at snack time. Many older children can write their names and form other letters correctly. Children listen attentively and join in at appropriate times, as adults read their favorite stories to them.


Children are competent in solving problems such as how to build and construct a train track. They count very capably when deciding how many children are attending the setting today. They divide this number into how many of the children are girls and how many are boys. Children recognise the associated numerals and select the correct ones to display on the walls. Children enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles. They have developed a good capacity to negotiate and cooperate, in order to work out and resolve problems together. Children are confident and capable users of computer equipment, interactive toys, and programmable equipment.


They are developing their awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainability, as they recycle used packaging and learn how to make compost. Children are growing tomatoes in the recently developed outdoor play area. They

have the responsibility of watering these plants and monitoring their growth. Children explore the local environment and wider world through appropriate and interesting activities. They are actively involved in local community events.


The full report can be downloaded here

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